2019 Team Cork Shamrock Drive

My family and I started Team Cork two years ago to provide support to cancer patients and have been amazed at the response we have received which has allowed Team Cork to grow and prosper.  Team Cork has had a busy year!  In 2018 Team Cork established its “Wellness Program”, which provides complimentary care and alternative therapies to cancer patients and their primary care givers, to ease their cancer battle.  Team Cork also received the Audesse Award from the Massachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists and the Pillar Award from the Metrowest Medical Center for its contributions and support of patients undergoing cancer care.  Both awards are a recognition that Team Cork, thanks to your generosity and support, is making a difference in the cancer community.  I would encourage you to visit our website at teamcork.org to see the latest news, events and programs that we have developed with your support over the past year to support cancer patients.

In 2019 Team Cork established its “Annual Shamrock Drive”, in conjunction with our annual Team Cork Open Golf tournament, to provide those who may not be able to participate in our events an opportunity to support Team Cork.  Team Cork has numerous events throughout the year and receives miscellaneous donations from its supporters around each of the events.  The “Annual Shamrock Drive” consolidates miscellaneous Team Cork donations into a single event and was established to ensure that its supporters, who do not attend the events but would like to provide a donation, are not “oversaturated” by the multiple events throughout the year. 

Team Cork continues to increase its annual donation goal to the Dana Farber Patient Assistance Programs and has set a goal of $30,000 for 2019.  The donations from the Team Cork Open Golf Tournament and the Shamrock Drive will be combined to help up meet this year’s goal.  The stories below provide examples of how the Dana Farber Patient Assistance Programs have positively impacted patients.  

 Celina, a patient in her mid-50s, has limited mobility due to her treatment.  Patient assistance funds helped her purchase and install bathroom rails, making it safer for her to step in and out of the shower, and allowing her to live independently for as long as possible.”

Darren, in his mid-60s, was receiving end-of-life care and his wife, who stayed with him in the hospital almost around the clock, could not afford food. Patient assistance funds helped her purchase groceries at a nearby supermarket to sustain her during this difficult time.”

Sandra was undergoing lengthy cancer treatment and struggled to support her family. When her children had to stay home during several snow days, they did not receive school lunches, which they relied on for meals. Gift cards helped Sandra keep food on the table during the challenging winter months.”

Team Cork is reaching out today to ask you to consider a donation to the first annual “Shamrock Drive” to help achieve our 2019 fundraising goal to Dana Farber.  Donations can be made by check, made out “Team Cork Inc.” and mailed to Team Cork, 33 Prospect Heights, Ashland, MA or by Venmo @Team-Cork.  If paying by Venmo please include “Team Cork Shamrock Drive” in the description with your payment.  Remember Team Cork is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity (employer ID number 82-2269390) and therefore eligible for employer donation matching programs so please consider this if you are making a donation.  Any donation would be appreciated but no worries if you chose to make your charitable contributions to other organizations, have already donated to Team Cork this year, or support Team Cork through its events.  Thank you again for your consideration and continued support of Team Cork and don’t forget to reach out and check in today with someone you know who is battling cancer!


                                                                                                                                                The Curtis